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In Person Session

Are you ready to awaken your sensual soul?

Pleasure is a state of being, not just a goal! It is time to expand your mind and your bliss

You are capable of pleasure in every cell of your being, that can also be healthy your mind-body-soul

Eros is your primal aliveness that sits within your body, that can guide you to the souls passions that can bring turn on into the sweetness of each now when we give it space to come home into its innocence and its power as it awakens and activates you

In ancient times we had temples where men and women would go to be initiated into the mysteries and rites of passage of life, including their sexuality

This journey will include

  • A yummy tea ceremony
  • A tantric ritual journey
  • Awakening the senses and opening the body with various tantric shamanic bodywork
  • A crystal sound bowl journey for integration

This also may include:

  • Breast Dearmouring and Womb Energy Clearing for Women
  • Lingham Dearmouring for Men
  • Tantric Connection and Embodiment Practices
  • Tantric Philosophy and Education
  • Consent and Boundaries
  • Getting clear on your relationship with your sexual self
  • Powerful Kundalini Activations and Transmissions

Some of the benefits include:

  • Raising your energy field and calming the nervous system
  • Expanding your pleasure potential (full body bliss including separating orgasmic energy to ejaculation or release)
  • Healing intimacy and connection blocks with self and others
  • Deeper understanding of what Tantra is and how you can incorporate the philosophy and practices into your daily life

This journey can also be amazing for couples to learn intimacy and energetic connection (including tantric massage etc as it will be tailored to your need).

Note this journey may activate the body into whatever needs to be released which may be blocking you from experiencing deeper pleasure in the body, especially if we have experienced emotion or sexual trauma.

This can be a powerful reclamation of your connection to your primal body and what lies in the way of your deeper embodiment of your sexual energy.

Nudity is involved however This is NOT a full sexual service or a goal orientated session, let go of the goal and let the bliss in the now rise

100 min $350 AUD 1:1 $500 AUD Couples

Group Session

Curious about Tantra? Perhaps you’ve heard about temple nights and wondered what its all about? If you have a group of couples, friends or open minded souls, this can be a great evening for connection, sensual play and exploration

This journey will includes :

  • Yummy cacao ceremony
  • Tantric Connection Practices and games
  • Guided connection and sensual touch space
  • A crystal sound bowl journey

This journey may include demonstrations in how to open someone to full body bliss and how to create a safe container for play, depending on if this is a womens only or mixed gendered temple journey, this will be tailored uniquely to the journeys need. This is NOT a full sexual or penetration space as it is an opportunity to explore everything beyond just the climatic goal)

MoonRose hosts mixed gendered temple nights on the gold coast that you can go check out here

180 min $550 AUD cacao included (25 people max)

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