In Person

In Person Session

Are you ready to unlock the Kinky Magick within?

This session includes:

  • Understanding desires, expressing kinks and how to access it and communicate it in empowering ways
  • Consent and Boundaries
  • Tantric Kink exploration with sensation play ranging from feathers to candle wax (all agreed upon in session)
  • It may also include – Sacred Role Play such as Goddess Worship, Sub – Dom Dynamics as MoonRose will be in her Mistress energy
  • Crystal Sound Bowl therapy for integrationA yummy Cacao ceremony and card reading
  • A guided shment, tantric dance and somatic work
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy for integration

MoonRose is trained in various modalities and can guide you safely into releasing. This is a very unique journey that is tailored with loving intention to support you to full body bliss surrender, not to harm you. This is NOT a full sexual service and is for those who are ready to let go and allow themselves to be taken into the experience (which is half the excitement, in the mystery)

This session is both for men and women

180 mins $450 AUD Couples $650 AUD

Group Session

Perhaps you, your lover, or even some fellow open minded friends are ready to make a night of tantric kink exploration in a fun, playful yet powerful way.

Get your kinky friends together and book a purple rose night to expand your mind and your pleasure in new ways

This journey includes:

  • A yummy Cacao ceremony
  • Consent and Boundaries Games (a really fun way to learn the basics in communication)
  • A demo on one of MoonRoses submissives on how to spank some into a full body orgasm
  • A chance to explore sensual kink in a healthy container
  • A crystal sound bowl journey for integration

180 min $700 AUD includes cacao and demo submissive (25 people max)

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