Welcome to The Temple Rose Session

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

This session is based around the tantric pathways that include erotic energy and expression

Each one of us has a unique sensual ‘sovereignty’. What this means is we all a unique sexual expression that can shift and change throughout our life and the more we get curious with it, the more we understand this part of us, the more we can authentically thrive in our relationship with ourself, with others and with life.

This Online session, MoonRose walks with you as we release shame, fear or judgement and start to get curious with our sensual soul.

Perhaps you are a sensual content creator looking to deepen your authentic erotic expression for your audience and yourself to discover? Maybe you are wanting to learn more about what is available to you in the pathways of Tantra or Sacred Kink expression

Perhaps you have seen the temple rose, have seen the different ‘roses’ available and are not sure where to begin?

This session will allow you to get clearer on what parts of you are seeking to be expressed or experienced and how you can start to take that journey. This session will also include a guide tantric sensual energy clearing and journey to reconnect you with your sensual soul

MoonRose works with both men and women, as she holds a non-judgemental space for the souls truth to come forward beyond gender. This session is a fully clothed session and is for those seeking guidance and expanded pleasure education.

This session is done via zoom from anywhere in the world

90 min $188 AUD

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