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Are you ready to dive deeper into your tantric souls path?

Don’t know where to begin?

Eros is your primal aliveness that sits within your body, that can guide you to the souls passions that can bring turn on into the sweetness of each now when we give it space to come home into its innocence and its power as it awakens and activates you, when we allow ourself space to understand where we are at and what we are seeking to achieve, magick happens as the soul can come forward to guide us and the way we know is by being connected in our heart, mind and sex centres.

This 90 minute online session can include:

  • A discussion and understand of where you are at and what level or path may be of service to unlocking your connection with yourself
  • Tantric Shamanic Education and guidance that will be tailored to your needs
  • A tantric shamanic journey to reconnect and clear out your energetic field to assist your frequency and overall wellbeing

These sessions are so uniquely tailored based on the temple rose pathways of the white, pink, red and purple roses (which you can learn more about at The Temple Rose ). This may range from discovering practises of mindfulness to letting go of old programmes around your expression and even your sensual energy so you can reclaim the sovereignty of your energt.

Both men and women welcomed however it is within MoonRose’s discernment and boundaries to say yes or no to whom she works with, in regards to the clear intention of the container. MoonRose holds a strong container and is not here to ‘heal’ you but to merely walk with you as you take te steps back to your own self love and discovery. MoonRose holds a non judgemental space with a neutral energy towards what may be perceived as either light or ‘dark’ topics. This is done anywhere in the world via Zoom

90 min $150 AUD

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