The 5 Week Series

Are you ready to unlock the Magic within?

Perhaps you are curious about the Tantric Shamanic Path or Teachings

This path isn’t just based on sexuality, it is based on deep principles and understandings of life, that when we experience within ourselves, can become an embodied wisdom

In this 5 week container, you will dive in 1 on 1 with MoonRose around the principles of polarity that first exist within ourselves that are actually governing how we create our reality and what we attract (this work can truly change your life if you let it!)

The outline:

Week 1 – The Light Feminine

Week 2 – The Dark Feminine

Week 3 – The Light Masculine

Week 4 – The Dark Masculine

Week 5 – The Inner Union

How does this work benefit you:

  • Give you a deeper understanding of how these polarities exist within you and how they show up
  • Healing your relationship with the masculine/feminine
  • Becoming aware of how YOUR unique polarity works best in different areas of your life (yes we all have a unique energetic core and point of attraction that will work best for us in how we flow and create…this is the BEST way to find out how that shows up and how you get to watch life respond to your energy will feel like magick!)

This will include:

Weekly Masterclass + Practices

Weekly 75 minute zoom journey with MoonRose

Both men and women can apply (and have had powerful results from this work)

$499 AUD (valued at $999 AUD)

MoonRose has limited spaces available at a time, it is also recommended before anything to actually book in for a session so MoonRose can be present with your unique journey and needs. You can check that out here

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