1:1 The Temple Initiate 6 Week Deep Dive

Are you ready to step inside the temple doors and let The Sensual Temple Arts path transform your life?

I mean think about it…what’s the energy that literally created all of us to be here on planet earth…this is your body, your life and your connection to the ecstatic bliss of creation to reclaim and own!

And it’s time you reclaimed it and understood how to harness this part of your being.

It’s time to turn your life ON and awaken your Sensual Soul

This journey is for those who are ready to walk through the temple doors and receive the transmissions, as we walk down each step, entering a new level, you will discover how each door you walk through will benefit you and get a very clear understanding of what this path is and what level you are ready to play within.

This journey is broken down into 6 weeks

Week 1: The Temple Initiation

Week 2: The White Rose – Ecstatic Activation

Week 3: The Pink Rose – Sensual Embodiment

Week 4: The Red Rose – Tantric Bliss

Week 5: The Purple Rose – Tantric Kink

Week 6: The Orgasmic Awakening

If you want to nderstand how to open your being to a full body blissful life to know oyur orgasmic soul potenial, then this is the initiation that could be the catalyst.

Each week is a key that offers an activation and a peek inside each door, very quickly this is going to awaken dormant pathways inside of you that is going to to guide you on your sensual path of discovery.

The major benefit of this journey too is it is not about having to ‘like’ or ‘love’ each rose or area of The Sensual Temple Arts, you may find areas that you discover are not for you and that’s the beauty of observing without attached judgement! You may also have had judgement on other areas that you discover and absolute full body orgasmic experience and path within that you may have never known was even there! (Trust me…this is what usually happens!)

The gift of this unique journey is it merely allows you to know exactly where you are at and where you wish to go, that includes inside and outside the bedroom.

Who is this for?

This is for men, women and couples who are ready to bring their turn on into every area of their life and to unlock the magic that is lying dormant within them

Who want to learn the ancient wisdom that encompasses the tantric and sacred sexuality mystery school teachings

Learn the different levels of The Sensual Temple Arts for personal healing, expansion, empowerment and wisdom on your path to reconnecting with your sensual soul

If you want to understand how to open your being to a full body blissful life to know your orgasmic soul potential, then this is the initiation that could be the catalyst.

If you are curious about temple nights and all the events you may see out there yet are unsure where to begin or do not want to be in a group space yet, then this is the perfect place to begin.

What this includes:

6 Sessions in person sessions (either weekly or fortnightly)

Access to The Temple Rose Members Section

Check ins and daily tools for you to utilize

These are limited spaces. Contact to apply,

$1500 AUD (Value over 2K) Payment Plan Available

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