Sacred Kink

Are you ready to unlock your deepest bliss?

When tantra and kink weave together…sacred kink is born

The world sees and understands BDSM and the kink realms of their erotic expression as ‘taboo’ or ‘shameful’ and alot of people can end up creating sexual trauma and more shame around these parts if they do not connect their heart to their sexual expression and understanding of what drives their desires

(if you would like to explore this more, I highly recommend a sensual keys online session to dive into your options and understandings, including the erotic embodiment journey to experience where your turn on is truly sitting and what is trying to say you)

Another deeper ‘why’ in this journey is to experience the ultimate state of ‘surrender’, by giving your power consensually to another, blurring the lines between pleasure and pain in a safe way that expands your body rather than retracting it, can lead us into meditative states and full body blissful experiences

This Journey Includes:

  • A Yummy Tea Ceremony
  • Consent and Boundaries
  • Sacred Role Play: Goddess & Devotional Worship
  • Somatic Impact and Sensation Play – Whips, Crops and Spanking
  • Other Potential Sensation
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy Integration

The benefits of this session:

  • Healing somatic trauma and stagnant energies
  • Experiencing how to bring tantra and kink together
  • Experiencing kink in safe and conscious ways
  • Shifting and raising your energetic vibration and having meditative experiences
  • Experiencing orgasmic energy in new and different ways

120 mins

$400 AUD

This session is upon application and is at the discernment of MoonRose, this can either be a solo. experience or an educational experience for a couple as it will be uniquely tailored to you.

*Note: This is NOT a full sexual service, nudity is involved and this can be an extremely orgasmic experience in ways you may have not experienced yet. The intention of the session is to awaken bliss in the full body rather than goal focused.

MoonRose mainly works with women and couples, however if a man is on a journey with the right intentions, MoonRose is open to supporting all souls on their journey home to all of their expression and potential

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