Online Session

Be taken into the mystery and explore the possibilities of tantric kink with Mistress MoonRose

This journey may include

  • Exploring how tantra and kink weave together and dynamics that can be explore
  • Identifying how to communicate and explore your desires, releasing any blocks or shame towards this
  • A guided mistress journey to get you into your eros

Both men and women welcome

90 min $250 AUD

In Person Session

Are you ready to expand your mind and pleasure?

MoonRose has been trained in the arts of both tantra, sacred sexuality and conscious kink, as she holds a unique space that weaves the light and dark together for your delightful expansion

The intention of this session is to allow you to experience in safe and soft ways the magick that can happen when we open up to different types of energetic play and somatic bodywork that can leave us in extreme states of full body bliss.

  • Consent and Boundaries
  • Sacred Role Play: Goddess Worship
  • A journey of the sensations: weaving tantric touch and energy play
  • Impact play: a choice of toys to play with to activate the body that includes shibari rope, whips, crops, paddles, candle wax, electric stimulation (this is discussed prior to the session)
  • Other types of tantric arts such as breathwork and crystal sound bowl therapy

The benefits of a session include:

  • Healing stored trauma that may be stuck in the cells of the body
  • Learning how to set up a scene safely and create conscious communication to explore your desires
  • Awakening the body to different pathways of sensual bliss
  • Releasing shame and taboo around your sexual expression
  • Experiencing transcendent meditative states as you surrender in new and deep ways
  • Awakening Kundalini Energy in the body

This session can also be structured for couples as an educational journey (especially for men showing them how to open a womans body with soft yet powerful domination, if you don’t have a partner yet want to learn how to be more lovingly dominant a demo bunny can be arranged)

Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs and experience

2.5 hour $500 AUD 1:1 $600 AUD Couples

Group Session

May you are wanting to learn how tantra and kink can weave together and want to make it playful and fun? This could be the perfect journey to get similar minded friends/ couples together to learn how to play in this way

This journey includes:

  • A yummy Cacao ceremony
  • Some interactive consent and boundaries games
  • A demonstration on how to spank someone into a full body orgasm and tantric kink practices
  • A chance to interactively play and explore
  • A crystal sound bowl journey for integration

This is for both men and women and will be tailored to your needs. this is NOT a full sexual space as the intention is to show you different ways to explore and play

180 mins $600 AUD (Includes model for demonstration)

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