The Online Festival

Welcome to The Sensual Keys

The Eros Inspiration and Education Space!

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

Then come and join us for an amazing free online festival!

Maybe you are curious about your own sensual energy, perhaps you and your lover want to go deeper…maybe you are curious on what sacred kink is!

Come and join us for a fun filled weekend of adult themed fun that may just give you some keys to unlocking your Sensual Soul

Whether you are a man, a woman or a couple, there’s something for everyone!

With the launch of the Exclusive Only Students Section, we have gathered some of the yummiest, er0t!cally powerful facilitators and entertainers to give you a taster at dipping into a world of adult education

This festival will include:

– Tantra and Kink Facilitators and Educators

– Burlesque Performances & Sensual Entertainment

and so much more!

This is an adult festival for those who may be curious about exploring this part of themselves and these realms without judgement

22nd – Opening Ceremony 6pm -8pm AEST

A yummy performance and guided dance experience for you to enjoy as we open the online space

23rd – Tantric Bliss 9am – 7pm AEST

A powerful day filled with workshops, talks, performances and classes for you to enjoy to do with tantric bliss topics

24th – Sacred Kink 9am – 7pm AEST

A delightful day filled with workshops , talks, performances and classes for you to enjoy to do with sacred kink topics

The exact timetables can be found in the facebook group or on the instagram @thesensualkeys

How this works;

Once you sign up you will receive an email with the link to:

– The FREE Facebook Group where the talks and PG friendly topics and performances will be conducted

– The Only Students link for a 50% off trial for the more adult friendly topics, performances and demos Usually $19.99 USD only $9.99 USD for those who want access which will give you a whole month! You can sign up to the semester for $41.98 USD instead of $60 if you wish to join in on the whole semester of yummy magic! (this will be via OnlyF@n$ so we can bring you adult friendly content

*Note: The intention of The Sensual Keys is to bring you both education and entertainment, with a neutral non-judgemental approach to the topics. This is for those with an open mind and are wanting to learn with curiousity and a fun approach. Discrimination, Harassment or any type of bullying will not be tolerated so we can make a safe environment for all participants , guests and facilitators.

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