The Temple Initiate – 1:1 Deep Dive

The Orgasmic Creator 1:1 Deep Dive

You know there is so much more to how you are experience life and the truth of the Orgasmic Creator you are and have come here to be!

I mean think about it…what’s the energy that literally created all of us to be here on planet earth…Orgasmic energy!

And it’s time you reclaimed it and understood how to harness this part of your being.

It’s time to turn your life ON!

Your Orgasmic energy not only has the capacity to give you tingling full body bliss, but also activate and awaken your most potent potential as you reconnect the sex- heard and mind connection

In this journey we will dive deep, as we make our way through the areas of the Orgasmic Temple Arts, to awaken the potency of your sensual soul and how to harness your most turned on life

Who is this for?

This is for men and women who are ready to bring their turn on into every area of their life.

If you are ready to embody your Orgasmic Creator and start reclaiming your Sensual Soul, then this is the program for you

  • Practices to incorporate in your daily life
  • The secrets to full body bliss
  • Accessing the potency of your orgasmic energy and expression to fully own your life

If you’d like more details for the full outline and prices, you can get in contact.

You can also choose to book in for An Orgasmic Empowerment Session or you can join the group program beginning 3rd April 2023 (the first female AND male friendly container launched online!)

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