The Pink Rose – Sensual Awakening

Are you ready to Awaken your Sensual Soul?

The Pink Tantric path is considered a middle path between red and white tantric practices, this is mainly a path for self

Before we reclaim the power of our sensual energy, reconnecting with its innocence and the truth of Eros can allow us to understand bliss in totally new ways

As a woman, awakening our senses and reconnecting with our sensuality is a powerful part of reclaiming our divine feminine energy

This session includes:

  • A yummy Cacao Ceremony
  • Yoni Steaming
  • Sensual Embodiment Practices
  • A Sensual Activation journey to awaken the senses
  • Other tantric practices
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy

Benefits can include:

  • Understanding the difference between sensuality and sexualtiy
  • Education on tantric practices to reconnect with your body and pleasure
  • Awakening the senses to open the body to its capacity for more bliss
  • Releasing shame, fear and guilt
  • Women – clearing the energy in the womb
  • Reconnecting with the feminine essence

This session is designed specifically for women. This session may include nudity

120 minutes $300 AUD

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