The Pink Rose – Sensual Embodiment

Are you ready to awaken your sensual soul?

They say that sexuality mirror the erotic, with the erotic being so much more than just what we know as sex or masturbation

Sensual Embodiment is the journey to reclaiming our right to feel states of bliss in our mind-body and soulful experience in the world.

The Pink Rose is all about how we relate with our own sensual soul before we meet another in that space. This is about softening into reconnecting with our eros, the energy that inspires the arousal both in our body and our sensual soul.

This session includes:

  • Cacao Ceremony
  • Sensual Embodiment Practices
  • Tantric Awakening – Sensual Touch Journey
  • Tantric Clearing and Breathwork Practices
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy

Other benefits of this can include:

  • Awakening the senses – sensual touch journey
  • Healing our relationship with our sexuality
  • Rewiring our relationship with self touch, intimacy and our concept of self pleasure
  • Healing our relationship with receiving intimate touch

Note: This session does NOT include genital. Nudity is involved down to underwear staying on, however will be done so at your pace and comfortability. This journey is about awakening the sensuality and may look completely unique to each invidiuval. Men and Women can both explore this session individually. (this is always recommended prior to the red rose session, to really allow the nervous system to go at its own pace and soften rather than forcing yourself to ‘be anywhere’ you think you ‘have to be’ on your journey home into you)

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