The Pink Rose – Sensual Embodiment

To  feel sensual is to be connected to our core orgasmic essence, for sensuality is about awakening the senses and our ability to FEEL.

When we don’t connect with our body in these ways, our system shuts down our sensitivity, which includes our ability to feel pleasure.

Life is naturally blissful, it the core energy that drives each species forward, so for us to reclaim this energy is to reclaim our erotic innocence and power

This level of the temple is based around pink tantric pathway which is about sensuality and is more about how we connect with ourselves

Before we reclaim the power of our erotic energy, we must first meet its innocence, as we learn about our body and what self pleasure means


This session is for individual work for those who want the safety and space to go deeper into their own activation

Can include:

  • A yummy Cacao Ceremony
  • A sensual embodiment journey to teach you practices and tools
  • Somatic bodywork to that includes awakening the senses and devotional touch
  • Yoni Steaming & Energetic Womb Clearing (for women)
  • Hara clearing (for men)
  • Crystal Sound Bowl therapy

The benefits:

  • Reconnecting with your sensuality and releasing fear, shame and guilt around your body and pleasure connection
  • Understanding the connection between the sex and the heart centre
  • Awaken the senses and the body as a healing and clearing pathway to regulate your nervous system
  • Learning pink tantric practices to unlock your orgasmic potential that you can bring into your self pleasure practice
  • Releasing old beliefs, limitations, emotions and energy that may be holding you back in your mind and body
  • Raising your vibration with sensuality

$300 AUD 2 HR

These journeys are available for men and women however are more female dominated as this is such an imperative part of female health to access our sensuality as a part of our way of being. It can includes levels of nudity but is at the pace of the individual or group. It is NOT a tantric massage or a sexual service

Group bookings and event space facilitations are available, please enquire for details.

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