The Purple Rose

The Purple Rose – Tantric Kink

Once we feel connected with our mind, heart and sex, we can explore integrating our dark and light in new and profoundly delicious ways

This level of the temple is based upon the neo tantric pathway and incorporates a unique perspective and weaving of the realms of tantra and conscious kink together.

This can be a powerful space at learning how to communicate and integrate our desires, along with creating safety for exploration. Maybe you’ve always wanted to incoporate toys into your bedroom play or wonder what it would be like to consciously own your dominance, submission or desires that you keep hiding from yourself because you got told they were ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’

The other most notable aspect of this level of the temple is the ability to access full body bliss in uniquely different yet extremely potent ways such as orgasmic impact play


This session is for individuals who want to go deeper into

  • A yummy Cacao and Blue Lotus Ceremony
  • Clear consent and boundaries tools and communication
  • A tantric kink journey that can include mixing elements of tantric touch and connection with sensation play such as Shibari rope, impact, whips, paddles, wax play and other dynamics such as roleplay that can include domination, god/goddess worship and primal play. This will be completely tailored to the individuals needs and what wishes to be explored
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy for Integration

The benefits include:

  • Shadow integration – owning parts of you that fear or shame in our porgrams and belief systems may have told us we shouldnt go near (e.g. being dominant may be seen as bad or unsafe, having a desire to experience impact and enjoy it may seem morally wrong) it can be a powerful reclamation to own al aspects of self
  • Release stuck energy and trauma from the body – the point of this path is to shift it, not feed it, doing so in a loving trauma aware space can allow you to reclaim your nervous system and learn how to shift states of being with your resilient turn on
  • Learn the tools and the communication skills to speak your desires and boundaries with others in loving healthy ways
  • Full Body Bliss! (the theme and thread of The Temple Rose: Sensual Temple Arts Path)

This is a soft and unique introduction or approach to sensual kink that is all about devotion and expanding us into expanded bliss

$450 AUD 2.5 HR


This session can be for couples as a private session or facilitation of groups:

  • Blue Lotus or Cacao Ceremony
  • Tantric Temple Games for boundaries and consent along with fun ways to create intimacy and connection
  • A Tantric Kink Demo or Guided Journey with space to allow exploration of some Tantric Kink themes and concepts that will be tailored uniquely to the couple or group needs and desires
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy for Integration

The benefits include:

  • Learning practices to create deeper intimacy and connection
  • Opening each other to full body blissful states
  • Learn how to communicate desires and boundaries in loving ways
  • Learn how to safely play in the realms of conscious kink to create a fun and safe experience

$550 AUD 2-4 HR These journeys are available for men and women. It includes levels of nudity. It is NOT a full sexual service

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