The Purple Rose Program

This 7 week program is based around a Tantric Shamanic Embodiment journey

We dive deep into sacred ceremony each week, to discover a deeper connection to the journey of embodying who you are, and how this effects you.

This wisdom when journeyed (bringing the subconscious and conscious into alignment) can show you the powerful law of polarity, you can start to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, why you may be attracting specific people or situations into your life, where you may have been stuck and most importantly, the power to create huge shifts and solutions internally and externally.

This is a really deep way of shifting out old patterns, limiting beliefs, and expanding you beyond your limitations as you reclaim your mind, body and soul in new and profound ways

This work can shift your perception and understanding of life and how you relate with it in profound ways.

The weeks themes include:

Week 1: The Light Feminine

Week 2: The Dark Feminine

Week 3: The Queen

Week 4: The Light Masculine

Week 5: The Dark Masculine

Week 6: The King

Week 7: Inner Union

This will include weekly;

  • Masterclass
  • Zoom Journey with MoonRose
  • Daily Practices and guidance

Each zoom journey is uniquely to your needs as a shamanic journey that may include breathwork, movement, sound and energy clearing, embodied witnessing, somatic release practices and so much more as we will be diving into what you uniquely need

$888 AUD (Payment plan available)

*Note: This journey is available for both men and women as these areas and energetics exist within ALL of us and getting to understand the qualities and polarities they offer you can be extremely healing and empowering

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