The Red Rose – Tantric Bliss

The Red Rose – Tantric Bliss

It is time to unlock your Orgasmic Souls potential

This level of the temple is based around red tantric practices and other paths of sacred sexuality that dive a little deeper into the base and can involve partnered or group connecting.

We awaken the senses to their capacity for full body bliss and what the potential of your orgasmic awakening

When we reconnect the heart and the base…full body bliss is a delicious side effect!


This session is for individuals and can include:

  • Blue Lotus or Cacao Ceremony
  • A tantric awakening journey that includes a awakening the senses, tantric massage and worship practices to awaken the body to full body blissful potential (lingham massage for men and yoni massage for women may be included and is assessed on the needs of the individual
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy for integration

The benefits include:

  • Tantric Dearmouring
  • Releasing stuck energy, patterns and traums (especially around receiving)
  • Opening to Full Body Bliss
  • Learning practices to sublimate your orgasmic energy

$400 AUD 2 HR

This is for men and women, This may include nudity and tantric bodywork as it is tailored to the individual. This is NOT a full sexual service


This session can be for couples as a private session or in groups

  • Blue Lotus or Cacao Ceremony
  • Consent and boundaries
  • Tantric Temple Games for fun ways to create intimacy and connection
  • A journey of showing different connection practices and ways to open each other to full body bliss (this may include showing how to give each other tantric massage and other forms of body worship) and taking your love making into the realms of full body bliss and soul connected passion (all done within the consent and boundaries of the individual needs for the couple or group space)
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy for Integration

The benefits include:

  • Learning practices to create deeper intimacy and connection
  • Opening eachother to full body blissful states
  • Taking your bedroom into next levels of sexual heights (including channeling sexual energy together to benefit other areas of your life)
  • Learn how to communicate desires and boundaries in loving ways

$500 AUD 2-4 HR space hire or travel to you is available, the journey uniquely tailored to your group and time needs

This is couples and can be single or mix gendered groups (tailored tp your needs). This is NOT a full sexuality space, however can be brought as a pre-activity to swingers parties or full sexuality spaces

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