The Sensual Keys Group Program

7 week Sensual Embodiment Journey

Each week we dive into and explore each area in both its ‘light’ tantric expression and also its ‘dark’ sacred kink expression

The purpose is to really allow you to FEEL these expressions in your body, to see what lights you up, where you hide from and what you want to explore more, as you empower your sexual expression, finding more confidence and consciousness to this area of your life and how you can explore it

This can be a truly awakening journey that can unlock more pleasure, understanding of your body and your self and the sensual magic that lies within you

The weeks themes:

Week 1 : Light Feminine

Week 2: Dark Feminine

Week 3: Queen

Week 4: Light Masculine

Week 5: Dark Masculine

Week 6: King

Week 7: Inner Union

Each week includes:

  • Weekly Masterclasses and group journey (these are very powerful and can create major shifts in your life!)
  • Daily Practices and Tools to explore
  • VIP Includes 1:1 weekly online sessions with MoonRose (sessions can also be spread out over a 3 month period depending on time requirements that will be unique to each person)

This is the program for those who are ready to let go of the shame, guilt, taboos and fear around these parts of who they are, so they can discover deeper confidence, understanding. healing, pleasure and fulfilment in their lives that will empower them

To understanding your sexual expressions is to open yourself to knowing what you like, what you dont like and embodying the deepest parts of yourself, in your base.

The practices and pathways explored here can show you powerful tools to heal your nervous system in a way that incorporates all of your energy and expression that can truly allow you to transmute emotions, blockages in the mind, body and soul regardless of what is going on around you

MoonRose only journeys with people deeply so this is upon application and an initial sensual key online session is required so she can understand where you are at and what you are wishing to achieve

The students who have journeyed with MoonRose have had powerful results from this program, especially working 1:1 with MoonRose, resulting in deeper pleasure (including energy orgasms and sensation returning for those who experience numbness or lack of energy, Deeper intimacy in personal relationships and more confidence in their daily lives, this can be POWERFUL for those who may have experience past sexual trauma and are ready to reclaim their POWER)

$444 AUD

VIP $888 AUD (Usually $1555 AUD)

Total course value over $3333 AUD!

There are only limited spaces to keep this container POTENT so book your space! (If you wish to do any mentoring with MoonRose this is a prerequisite and will be the last time this program is run in a group format live)

Payment Plans available

*Note: this is a group container for women, MoonRose will take a male client on this journey if his intention is in the right space however that will be done so privately and not in a group container

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