The Sensual Keys: The Erotic Chakra Series

7 Week Erotic Temple Dance Journey

Each week we dive into a chakra and its erotic expression, this becomes a dance of your erotic expression all the way from the primal to the divine

The purpose is to not only clear out the tantric pathways for the eros to be able to moved up the body (as you can have pleasure in all areas) but to all allow you to get to know your different sexual expression and where you may be pulled to explore more of. This is also a powerful way to transform any stuck energy in the body into an ecstatic experience with the power of your turn on

This can be a truly awakening journey that can unlock more pleasure, understanding of your body and your self and the sensual magic that lies within you (including how to manifest using your sexual energy!)

The weeks themes:

Week 1 : Root – The Primordial Eros

Week 2: Sacral – The Sensual Eros

Week 3: Solar Plexus – The Warriors Eros

Week 4: Heart – The Lovers Eros

Week 5: Throat – The Sound of Eros

Week 6: Third Eye – The Sages Eros

Week 7: Crown – The Divine Eros

Each week includes:

  • Weekly Masterclass & Guided Meditation Journey
  • Daily Practices and Tools to explore
  • 1 x deep journey online session with MoonRose to truly explore and activate through the power of guided erotic temple dance

This is the program for those who are ready to let go of the shame, guilt, taboos and fear around these parts of who they are, so they can discover deeper confidence, understanding. healing, pleasure and fulfilment in their lives that will empower them. This can also powerfully awaken kundalini energy in the body and higher states of bliss and embodiment

To understand your sexual energy is to open yourself to knowing what you like, what you dont like and embodying the deepest parts of yourself, to also understand the chakras and how these energy centres either expand or block you is a powerful process that can make big shifts in all areas of your life

The practices and pathways explored here can show you powerful tools to heal your nervous system in a way that incorporates all of your energy and expression that can truly allow you to transmute emotions, blockages in the mind, body and soul regardless of what is going on around you

MoonRose only journeys with people deeply so this is upon application and an initial sensual key online session is required so she can understand where you are at and what you are wishing to achieve, If you have not done any tantric work before, may be a place to start so you can understand the foundations of this journey

The students who have journeyed with MoonRose have had powerful results from this program, especially working 1:1 with MoonRose, resulting in deeper pleasure (including energy orgasms and sensation returning for those who experience numbness or lack of energy, Deeper intimacy in personal relationships and more confidence in their daily lives, this can be POWERFUL for those who may have experience past sexual trauma and are ready to reclaim their POWER)

1555 AUD (Over $2555 AUD value)

*Note: This journey is aimed at women however, is available to men who are open and ready to explore this in themselves for the right reasons and will be upon MoonRoses discernment

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