The Sensual Keys: The Dark

Are you ready to dive a little deeper into your Sensual Soul?

Perhaps you have explored a little bit around the realms of Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, and want to experience how you can weave this in with the realms of BDSM

Bringing kink into the equation of our play, and making it heart centred, can be a powerfully healing and ecstatic experience, as we awaken to the potential

In this session MoonRose weaves conscious kink in with tantra to take you on a powerful journey. In what is seen as the taboo, we can find understanding and light as we ignite the senses and understand our sexuality deeper in a safe, healthy way

This session will include:

  • A yummy cacao ceremony to create sacred space
  • Sacred Kink: Worship – Role Play and Power Dynamics like Goddess Worship etc.
  • Impact and Sensation Play – Types of touch, Whips, Paddles, Candle Wax (this is tailored uniquely to you)
  • Submissive and Domination Dynamics connected to the heart
  • A powerful understanding of consent and boundaries
  • Tantric Practices and Bodywork
    • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy for integration

2.5 HOUR $400 AUD

MoonRose holds a dominant space in these sessions so this can be powerful for both men and women to experience in a safe space

This is a great session for couples to experience how they can journey this together. This is more of a neo-tantra based pathway

*Note: MoonRose is a trained Tantra Practitioner and Professional Dominatrix with many years of educating and holding space for people to experience a unique heart centred full body blissful space when these two worlds collide. She has had extensive trauma and safety training and holds a space of healing and empowerment. This is NOT a full sexual service and is not about penetration or even genital focused friction, this is about discovering new and different ways to experience energy in the body and different dynamics in your play. Nudity will be involved

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