The Sensual Keys: The Light

Are you ready to unlock your Sensual Soul?

How do you feel about your own sensual energy? Do you allow yourself to feel turned on beyond the bedroom

Awakening your turn on is such a beautiful place of understanding who you are on a deeper level and how you allow your body to a part of that process

Softening into the connection with this part of us can bring us back into our nurtured and nourished self as connection is a human need

Sensual energy can calm your nervous system, repair and heal your cells, create anti aging and rejuvenation in the cells and organs, along with raising your energetic frequency, clearing out stagnant emotions and energy and healing your relationship with intimacy, passion and your orgasmic potential

There’s so many benefits to reclaiming the innocence and truth of this part of our being and our mind – body connection

This session is focused on the ‘lighter’ side of sensuality and is for those who are wanting to explore the softer side of tantra based practices and self love

This session is tailored to your needs and may include:

  • Sensual Embodiment Guidance and Transmissions (witnessing)
  • Shamanic Tantric Awakening of the Senses through touch and connection
  • Somatic Body Work (massage and touch) and Other Practices such as body worship
  • Consent and Boundaries
  • and so much more

This is really tailored to you and your needs and is based on the pathways of red tantric philosophy and practices

This can be a powerful session for couples who are seeking to explore new ways of connecting with one another

Benefits include:

  • Releasing emotions and blocks to your sexual energy
  • Opening to Full Body Bliss
  • Healing and Feeling calm in your nervous system
  • Discovering new ways to receive, soften and allow yourself to be worshipped
  • Awakening Kundalini Energy
  • Healing body shame, fear or guilt
  • Coming back to the softness of connection

2 hours $270 AUD

*Note: Nudity is involved. This is NOT a full sexual service. MoonRose mainly works with women however will work with selective couples and men who are genuinely open to experiencing this powerful work with openness and respect

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