The Temple Keys

Feeling a little lost? Low energy? Perhaps you need a little guidance?

Sometimes in life we can just need a little guidance and shift of mindset to get us back on track or clear on what the next step is or what we are letting go of

In this online session, MoonRose will tune into your energy field and start to clear out any energy that may be in the way.

This unique work is based upon the Tantric Principles of understanding inner union within the psyche and the physical body, through a unique temple keys process, MoonRose will be able to see where is out of balance and start to communicate and reconnect this within your subconscious mind. This work is very powerful for those who are ready to shift and embody it.

This can start to bring you back into your -inner harmony that has an effect in every area of your life, how you think, the actions you take and even who you attract

This session will:

  • Raise your vibration – you will feel lighter, clearer or release energy that may be keeping you stuck
  • Clear any emotional or blocks that may be blocking you
  • Give you some guidance and help you create new beliefs or patterns that you can step into in your life – understanding these polarities that exist within you
  • Clear out cords, energies, entities and ancestral karma that may be not serving you
  • Give you real tools and guidance to start implementing in your daily life

These sessions are via zoom and you will be sent a recording so you can listen to the guided clearing part of the session more than once to get the best results, this is powerful as it is tailored specifically for your unique energy field and subconscious mind

These can be a great place to start if you are unsure where to begin, you can see the effects this has from one session with the 7 week program for those who are ready to go deeper on this path

75 min

$88 AUD

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