The Temple Keys Program

Are you ready to unlock the magic within?

For those who are ready to dive deeper, to truly understand themselves in deeper, profound ways, then this journey can be one that shifts your whole reality!

Based on Tantric and Shamanic Philosophy, Practices and Principles, you will dive deep into understand the parts of you that make up you, creating a relationship with yourself in ways you’ve been waiting for

This is truly powerful because this inner union is reflected to us in our relationships, our likes, our dislikes, our passions and our judgements and be very powerful on a healing journey of reclaiming yourself

It is one thing to understand these principles, it is a whole other level to truly embody them and from there it goes from information to wisdom

If you’ve been interested in learning more of the ‘white’ tantra path or wanting to incorporate practices, this can be a powerful space to learn them. It can also be powerful to journey as you can become very aware of where you are at and what you need to shift, this is the ultimate medicine to create to healing and awareness

It is important we do the work in ourselves first and create this inner- standing and connection before we try to create that outside of ourselves or ‘heal’ others

The weekly outline themes:

  • Light Feminine
  • Dark Feminine
  • The Queen
  • Light Masculine
  • Dark Feminine
  • The King
  • Inner Union

Each week will include:

  • A masterclass on topic to listen to
  • Weekly tools and practices and embodiment transmission from MoonRose
  • 1 – 1 Tantric Shamanic journey with MoonRose to shift you powerfully
  • Access to the Temple Keys Member Section

If you have not done any tantric, embodiment or sensuality work before, this is highly recommended before the sensual keys program to give you core foundations and integration in your body to understand that next level of the work

This work can truly change your perception and understanding of life and how you relate with it and with yourself if you truly let it

If you are ready to learn the tools, practices and understandings along with being ready to own yourself fully in new profound ways, this may be the program you are looking for!

MoonRose mainly works with women, however will work with men who are truly wanting to expand and learn as this work truly goes beyond the binary understanding of gender (which you will learn and feel for yourself in the journey!)

7 week

$777 AUD (valued over $1111 AUD)

Payment Plans Available – Limited Spaces

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