The White Rose: Embodiment

Are you ready to unlock the Magick within?

The White Rose Session is here!

Maybe you’ve been feeling a little lost, confused, unsure and ungrounded?

This session is based on the white tantric principles of reharmonizing your energy centres and inner union (the non sexual path of tantra)

Through a powerful energy clearing and embodiment practices, we tap into what is needed to allow yourself to get back in your body and back into energetic alignment to your joy and souls path

This is based on bot Tantric and Shamanic Principles and Laws of understanding energy and how we can transmute and powerfully shift it beyond space and time.

This session will include:

  • Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony and Card Reading
  • A Tantric Shamanic Energy Clearing
  • A guided journey that will include movement, breathwork, meditation and a crystal sound bowl clearing to really empower and assist anything that needs to shift

This will may also include:

  • Kundalini Energy Activations and Clearings
  • Timeline healings and Integrations
  • Past Life Activations and Clearings
  • Soul Retrieval and Healing
  • Ancestral Healing and Clearings
  • Identification of emotional and subconscious blocks, programs and beliefs
  • Emotional Release Processes
  • And so much more!

MoonRose is extremely passionate about getting you IN to your body and knowing that although she is working with you and guiding you, it is YOUR energy, your SOUL and higher self that is ‘doing the work’, She is dedicated to creating a safe space to empower you and ensure you are supported in that.

This is a great place to begin if you are not ready to step into any practices that include sexuality or want to really embody and get the basic principles of breath and embodiment in place before you start to activate your sensual energy within the process.

$180 AUD 75 Minute Session

Both men and women are welcome. This is a fully clothed non-sensual session. If you are looking at tantra that includes more of those levels, check out the other sessions available

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