The Temple Keys Session

Perhaps you’re feeling a little lost? Lacking in energy? Or want to try something different on your journey of health, healing or alternative holistic therapies

Then it’s time to come to temple and unlock the magic within

This session inlcudes:

  • Cacao Ceremony and Card Reading
  • Shamanic Journey that includes various temple arts such as energy healing, body work, breathwork, frequency tuning therapy etc
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy

Some of the benefits include:

  • Emotional Release and Healing
  • Mindfulness Tools and Techniques
  • Raising your energetic field or vibration to a more empowering state for life force to be able to flow
  • Ancestral Clearings and Activations
  • Past Life Clearings and Activations
  • Soul Retrieval and Integration
  • Accessing the Souls Gifts (such as pyschic abilities and remembrance of soul purpose)
  • Kundalini Activations and Awakenings
  • Nervous System Regulation and Healing
  • Energetic attunements and initiations

This session is a unique experience for each an every soul, including how they experience it, whether you are already deep into this work (perhaps an energy healer who may receive an attunement or initiation into their gifts through the activations) or someone who is just looking for alternative holistic therapies who will leave feeling calmer and more centred. This is going to be unique to your process and journey.

120 mins $200 AUD

Men and Women Welcome

Location: Mermaid Beach, Australia

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