The White Rose – Tantric Energy

Are you ready to unlock the magick within?

This session is based upon the ‘White Tantric’ principles to balance the energy channels in the body and raise the overall energy field of the person through a gentle energetic and somatic purification process

This session includes:

  • Cacao Ceremony & Card Reading
  • Guided journey that includes practices such as Tantric breathwork, somatic bodywork and energy clearing techniques
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy

This can be a potent start for individuals who may be feeling stuck, confused or don’t know where to ‘begin’ their journey with understanding the white path of Tantra

This journey can be powerful in learning some of the tantric practices that are non-sexual related, but important pillars to understand and implement to reconnect and heal the mind-body-soul.

This is a powerful space to:

  • Clear blocked emotions and energy that may be stuck in the nervous system
  • Learn mindfulness and white tantric practices
  • To gain clarity and direction if we are feeling lost or confused
  • Wanting to truly understand the levels of the Tantric Awakening Path

Spaces are limited in availability

This is a fully clothed session and is available for both men and women. MoonRose has discernment on who she works with and what the individual may be needing or ready for. This may not be suitable if you are on anti-depressants or certain medications. Please always refer to your GP for serious physical or mental health issues before attending.

90 Minutes $250 AUD

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