The White Rose – Tantric Activation

Before we dive into integrating our sensual energy or the tantric paths that include those parts of us in our sex and heart connection

The White Rose is the first level of The Tantric Temple Arts base around the white tantric pathway, around clearing the mind, body and raising our vibration

The main energy of this session is one of devotion, as we create space to let go of the mind, open the body and connect with the other layers that exist mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually

This session includes:

  • A Yummy Cacao Ceremony
  • White Tantric Practices such as breathwork, energy clearing, emotional release, somatic bodywork
  • Shamanic Practices such as cord releasing, soul retrieval, ancestral healing and activations that are unique to the souls journey
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy for integration

The benefits of this journey:

  • Understanding white tantric practices to clear and shift
  • Releasing the past and letting go of what holds you back
  • Clearing the emotional body and energy that may be stuck in the body
  • Rewiring and clearing the subconscious mind of old beliefs and programs that are no longer serving

This session is always recommended if you are unsure where to begin on your tantric journey or have not done any somatic or tantric based work before

This session is for men and women and is fully clothed.

$250 AUD 90 minute

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