The Red Rose – Tantric Bliss

This is a Tantric Bliss Activation journey for individuals and couples

In ancient times we had temples where men and women would go to be initiated into the mysteries and rites of passage of life, including their sexuality. MoonRose will take you back in time to awaken your sensual souls together

This session is based more upon the red tantric path where we start to include the deeper erotic self and can explore this with another.

We have the capacity to feel full body bliss in every cell of our being, when we awaken and reconnect the mind, heart and sex centres

This journey will include (Individual):

  • A Cacao ceremony
  • Tantric practices for you to incorporate in your life
  • A tantric awakening journey to open and activate your senses to full body bliss (this may include tantric dearmouring that can include the genitals)
  • A crystal sound bowl journey for integration

The journey (Couples):

  • A Cacao Ceremony
  • Powerful tantric practices to connect with your beloved
  • Education and a guided journey how to open awaken eachother to full body bliss
  • A crystal sound bowl journey for integration

Some of the benefits include:

  • Expanding your pleasure potential (full body bliss)
  • Healing intimacy and connection blocks with self and others
  • Deeper understanding of what Tantra is and how you can incorporate the philosophy and practices into your love making

This journey will also be uniquely tailored to your needs and how you can expand into full body bliss either by yourself or with a partner

Note this journey may activate the body into whatever needs to be released which may be blocking you from experiencing deeper pleasure, especially if we have experienced emotional or sexual trauma.

Nudity will be involved (discussed prior to the sessions needs) however This is NOT a full sexual service or a goal orientated session.

180 min Individual $450AUD

Couple $550 AUD

(group facilitation available too or attending one of our red rose temple events can be enjoyed too which you can check out at

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