The Red Rose Session

Are you ready to awaken your Sensual Soul?

This is an extremely unique and potent 9 week journey that completely shift how you understand, see and express your erotic self in powerful ways!

This is a deep journey into embodiment that is focused around sacred sexuality in both the tantric and conscious kink expressions. There is no othe

Week 1: The Light Feminine – Tantric: The Curious Maiden

Week 2: The Light Feminine – Kink: The Subby Brat

Week 3: The Dark Feminine – Tantric: The Dakini

Week 4: The Dark Feminine – Kink: The Temptress Queen

Week 5: The Light Masculine – Tantric: The Shiva Lover

Week 6: The Light Masculine – Kink: The Servant

Week 7: The Dark Masculine – Tantric: The Warrior

Week 8: The Dark Masculine – Kink: The Dom

Week 9: Inner Union

  • Mini Masterclass
  • Zoom Journey with MoonRose
  • Weekly Practices and Guidance
  • Daily Support directly with MoonRose

This can be a deeper dive for those who are truly ready to explore their desires, sexual expression and how they experience that within themselves.

*Note: This journey is accessible for both men and women and couples, when you journey into understanding that all these expressions and elements exist within ALL of us and it can be a great healing to meet all these parts of you. MoonRose has discernment with who she takes on this level of the temple work and works with those who are understanding that this work is about expanding in their own energy as MoonRose guides you into your own connection with your own sexual expression. If tantric or embodiment work is new for you, MoonRose may recommend doing a purple rose journey before diving into this work

$1555 AUD (Payment plan available)

Limited spaces

This is an extremely unique and powerful journey that many clients have had profound healing, empowerment and relationship shifts from what they discover about themselves through this work. It may include nudity and sensually activating transmissions

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