Womb Activation

As women, the journey home is reconnecting back with the innate intelligence of our body, the womb space

This is the seat of where our primordial energy sits known as Shakti or Kundalini

The womb and heart space are also deeply connected

This journey will include:

  • A yummy tea ceremony and reading
  • Practices to reconnect you with this part of your being
  • A shamanic tantric womb clearing journey that includes tibetan womb toning and powerful shakti energy activations
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Integration

The Benefits:

  • Clearing energetic cords, attachments, traumas and stagnant emotions that may be sitting in the womb space
  • Clearing past life and ancestral cords
  • Return of Energy flow and Orgasmic turn on
  • Reconnection the spirit (innocence) and primal (power) self

*Note this is not a genital penetrative session, this is a clothed session and can be very powerful for releasing emotions and reclaiming turn on in powerfully different ways

120 mins

$200 AUD

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