Women’s Circle

Friday 10th Sep 6:30pm

Mermaid Beach – Gold Coast – Australia

Are you ready to unlock your Sensual Soul? W

Feeling sexy is a vibe…NOT a body type 

It’s time to come together and own the magic that you are 🌹

This yummy journey is here to support your nervous system, your expression and sensual soul in ways that can truly be only described as magic

Your sensuality offers healing, empowerment and connection to your innocence and power

This is the fun way to raise your vibration and find your sensual keys 🔑 

This journey will include: 

– A yummy Cacao ceremony 

– Tantric Connection Practices 

– Powerful Sisterhood connection 

– A guided yummy journey to get you in your body and show you tools on how to use your sensuality to transmute stagnant emotions and energy 

– A Crystal Sound Bowl Journey to integrate this journey 

Now more than EVER, it is time to keep the flame alive within you and use it as a tool to empower and guide you 

What to bring:

– Wear your yummy lingerie or things that bring your feminine into her aliveness 

– A water bottle and anything to make you comfy in your space 

– Anything you’d like to charge with this energy on the alter (crystals etc) 

– An open mind and a willingness to honor the goddess within 

*Note: this will be an expression friendly space, nudity is permitted however sexual acts such as p3netr@t!ve self touch will not be permitted, the intention is to explore our energy in new ways that expand our being

*Note: we are doing the best we can to follow ‘guidelines’ and will notify ASAP if anything changes due to fluctuating restrictions (let us gather while we can and celebrate this together) 

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