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Who is MoonRose anyway?

MoonRose is a The Orgasmic Temple Arts and Sensual Wellness Facilitator, Educator, Mentor and Creatrix of The Temple Rose

MoonRose was trained in and passionate about the healing arts beginning in her early 20’s which was also a major component of her own healing journey.

She was studying a double major degree at university and stumbled across her a passion for sensual education when she started working and managing adult shops for over a decade.

She has trained in the arts of hatha yoga, yin yoga, meditation & pranayama work, usui reiki, shamanic energy and bodywork practices, sound healing and ecstatic dance along with ceremonial facilitation and trauma release work, giving her a broad understanding and depth into the body and how it stores and moves energy. This journey supported and opened her into the world of sacred sexuality and the potency of understanding and reclaiming these parts of who we are. MoonRose dove into the erotic temple arts around tantra, awakened sexuality, somatic bodywork and conscious kink including dominatrix work and started weaving tantra with BDSM, giving her a unique ability to hold a spectrum of unique spaces and sessions. She has spent many years giving hands on sessions wtih tantric massage and tantric kink and loves creating powerful journeys that activate individals and couples to new levels of how they understand their erotic energy and its expression.

MoonRose loves giving people permission to know both their innocent and powerful sensual self in unique and potent ways.

She has travelled around Australia, guest speaking and performing at various events and festivals and is the Tantra Temple Coordinator for Lovex (formerly known as Sexpo) Australia.

She has helped countless men, women and couples on their journeys back to their truth, reconnecting to their sensual souls as that is her passion, purpose and mission in this lifetime.

MoonRose is also a Temple Erotica Artist & Burlesque Performer, regular hosting unique side show cabaret experiences and performing at festivals. She is deeply devoted to her embofiment of her work and through her sensual content creation, loves to give transmissions that are not just seen but FELT.

MoonRose passionately focuses in the realms of sensual education for this area is a gate way you will come to on your journey home into your body and who you are and was the area of her personal life where she had the most profound healings and awakenings. It is also one of the most taboos areas of life that has an effect on your health in a plethora of ways and can make a massive impact on your quality of life and your relationships

MoonRose lives and breathes her life as a Tantric Shamanic Goddess, Eros Lover, Mistress, Priestess, Speaker, Teacher, Performer, Healer, Facilitator, Host, Awakener, Creative and Erotic Artist which you can enjoy and explore both online and in person

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