The Pink Rose: Sensual Embodiment

This journey is specifically for Women

It is time to let yourself blossom Dear Goddess and reconnect your womb and your heart

The womb and heart connection for a woman is important as this is the pathway where we can store emotions, stagnant energy and a rejection of self that can keep us disconnected from our innate feminine wisdom

This session will include:

  • A Soft Blue Lotus Ceremony
  • Some tantric female practices for you to bring into your own self care routine
  • A devotional journey: to reconnect your womb and heart
  • Tantric Energy and Body work including Breathwork
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy to integrate

This session is for those who:

  • Would like to receive safe, intimate non sexual touch and loving presence
  • Is ready to receive more nurture and joy in their life
  • Release old cords, attachments, emotions etc that may be disconnecting your heart and womb and block you from receiving full body bliss
  • Activate your divine feminine energy and allow yourself to reconnect your womb – heart intelligence (great for those who may have gone through fertility issues or disconnection from their sensuality)

Some of the other benefits may include:

  • Womb and Breast Clearing – releasing old energy that can get stuck in the energy and physical body
  • Kundalini activations, clearings and healings
  • Sensual Embodiment Practices

This session is clothed and for women

$250 AUD 90 Minute Session

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