The Pink Rose: Sensual Embodiment

This journey is specifically for Women

It is time to let yourself blossom Dear Goddess and reconnect your womb and your heart

The womb and heart connection for a woman is important as this is the pathway where we can store emotions, stagnant energy and a rejection of self that can keep us disconnected from our innate feminine wisdom

This session will include:

  • A Soft Blue Lotus Ceremony
  • Some tantric female practices for you to bring into your own self care routine
  • A devotional journey: to reconnect your womb and heart
  • Tantric Energy and Body work including Breathwork
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Therapy to integrate

This session is for those who:

  • Would like to receive safe, intimate non sexual touch and loving presence
  • Is ready to receive more nurture and joy in their life
  • Release old cords, attachments, emotions etc that may be disconnecting your heart and womb and block you from receiving full body bliss
  • Activate your divine feminine energy and allow yourself to reconnect your womb – heart intelligence (great for those who may have gone through fertility issues or disconnection from their sensuality)

Some of the other benefits may include:

  • Womb and Breast Clearing – releasing old energy that can get stuck in the energy and physical body
  • Kundalini activations, clearings and healings
  • Sensual Embodiment Practices

This session will involve nudity. This is not a full sexual service nor is sexual touch involved. This intention of this journey is to realign with the connection to your sensual energy and learning practices to support that, which may be incorporate in your own self pleasure space. MoonRose has discernment on who she works with and what the individual may be needing or ready for. This may not be suitable if you are on anti-depressants or certain medications. Please always refer to your GP for serious physical or mental health issues before attending.

$300 AUD 120 Minute Session

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